4 Cuisines To Definitely Try Out If You Live In Melbourne

Melbourne is a multi-cultural city that has been a magnet that has drawn in people from all parts of the world to live there. This has brought up a gentle sprinkling of restaurants that serve up world-famous dishes that have become Australian favourites. Here are a few of the types of cuisine that you are going to find in Melbourne and are absolutely going to fall in love with;

1. The Bold Tastes of the Orient

The dishes of the East are renowned all over the world for their complexity of textures and flavours. Some of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even Thai and Vietnamese dishes we see in restaurant today are the result if recipes and cooking techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries. If you enjoy the bold flavours of authentic Eastern dishes made with fresh, vibrant ingredients, then you are in heaven on earth in Melbourne. There are so many restaurants in Melbourne which are owned and run by a number of Eastern chefs that have established themselves as great culinary experts.

2. The Spicy and Fragrant Subcontinental Delights

Another cuisine that you are going to find in abundance in Melbourne is Subcontinental cuisine. Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan dishes are mostly for the daring souls who are bold enough to take the heat of the chillies, the punch of zesty lime and the prominent tastes of the spices. You are really going to enjoy yourself at the restaurants which serve up these steaming hot delights all around Melbourne. Whether you live around the Central Business District or in the suburbs, you will definitely find a food joint that serves South Asian delicacies.

3. The Fireworks of Flavour from the Wild West

One of the most popular cuisines in contemporary Melbourne comes from the great United States of America. You can taste the flavoursome american bbq in Melbourne meals packed with bags of taste and zing in Melbourne.

There are many bars and grills that produce perfectly chargrilled pork ribs, steaks, jacket potatoes and Buffalo wings that are the heart of American BBQ. You are going to just love the rich sauces, salads and mayonnaise that complement the meats.

4. The Undeniably Luxurious Delicacies of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean cuisine is a pleasant blend of the best of the tastes of Europe and the Middle East. Melbourne’s Mediterranean restaurants are the best there are in the country. There is a whole bunch of Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, Lebanese, Turkish and Moroccan restaurants that the whole family can enjoy a scrumptious meal at. Be sure to check if you need to make prior reservations if you are planning to dine at one of these eateries, especially if you are visiting one of them with a large number of people.