Month: May 2017

How To Impress Clients Without Making It Seem Like You Are Doing So?

We heard not too long ago that business relationships are quite similar to romantic relationships. This, of course, relates to our clients. After all, you have to impress them, you have to woo them, and you even have to keep in touch with them often to make sure your “relationship” with them is at its best—just like you would in a romantic relationship. If you want to impress your clients, but don’t want to make them feel like you’re deliberately doing so, then the below tips are ideal for you…

It’s no secret that in the business world, first impressions basically set the tone for your entire “relationship” with your clients. If you arrive at your meeting sweating and looking frazzled, or if you show your nervousness, chances are that your clients would feel you are not capable enough to handle their work. It will also give them the upper hand; making you have to work harder. So, dress smartly (we strongly advise that you give bespoken suits a try), be comfortable in your clothing and set off early so you don’t have to rush.

Once you’ve hit the right note at that first meeting, things should automatically start looking up. When you’ve come to the point that you are ready to socialize or hold informal meetings, pay attention to the locations you choose. Select places with a view whenever possible. Even if your client simply wants to grab a drink, suggest doing at a sky bar. The views and the higher-end crowd would automatically impress your clients.
Paying attention to your client is vital; this is something we are sure you already know. But even paying attention to the words they use and the personal choices and preferences can be an advantage for you. Use key words they’ve used to make them understand that you’re paying attention to them; something that will impress them without making them feel like you are doing it deliberately. Likewise, if they have a certain preference when it comes to drinks, like root or brunch, gifting them with it in unexpected moments too can impress them.

Just like dressing properly and smartly is important, so is arriving in style. Even if you own a car, consider being chauffeured around. This means you don’t have to worry about parking spaces, or catching a cab once you’re done with your meeting. If you feel hiring a chauffeur is “overkill” when it comes to your clients, we still feel you shouldn’t opt to catching a street cab. Opt instead to use a cab/car service; pre-booked so you know you’ll have a ride when you walk out of the meeting with your client.

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